A Traverse unit measures distance in increments of 0.01" on a scale graduated in divisions of 0.1" with a vernier. Standard scale lengths are 6", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 25cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, but other lengths can be custom manufactured.

Linear movement is resisted by the friction of flat springs sliding on the scale, adjustable by a thumb screw which can be tightened to lock the probe at any location. ANGLES
Angle of rotation of the probe, used for measuring flow direction, is measured in movements of 0.2 over a full 360 on a protractor graduated in 2 divisions for easy readability and a special large scale vernier.

The Traverse unit is designed for maximum visibility even under conditions of poor lighting and awkward position. Verniers are designed to eliminate parallax errors and divisions are spaced widely enough so the linear scale can be read accurately to .01". Both scales are easily visible from the same point regardless of rotation of the probe. The flat surface of the scale provides a convenient reference surface for aligning a directional probe with the rig by placing a parallel between aligning block and scale.

Interchangeable Collets take from 1/16" to 3/8" diameter probes and lock them firmly in position without danger of damage to the probe stem.

The unit may be mounted to a flat surface via two 1/4" bolts or to a Tapped Boss combined with a Pressure Seal. With surface mounting a Pressure Seal, which does not extend below the Mounting Plate, may also be provided. In either case, the integral Pressure Seal on Mounting Plate may be exchanged for different size probes.

How to Order
A complete Manual Traverse Unit consists of: * A Basic Assembly (Item 1), * A Collet (Item 2), * Mounting Seal (Choice of Item 3 or 4).
Specify Part Number to suit probe diameter.





* DC probes require special base and pressure seal due to curvature of
sensing head. This should be specified when ordering.

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