¢º Real-time, Mach Reporting and Control Tied to Your Windtunnel Data
¢º Mach Accuracy to +/- 0.001
¢º Autoranging Pressure Measurement with Built-In Over-Pressure Protection
¢º +/- 0.01% Uncertainty 0-15 to 0-500 psia
¢º +/- 0.02% Uncertainty 0-5 to 0-100 psid
¢º IEEE-488 or Ethernet Interfaces
¢º On-Line Rezero
¢º Optional High Accuracy Temperature Measurements


¢º Windtunnel Mach Number Measurement
The 8400 Flow Reference System (FRS) is a self-contained multirange pressure measurement system for windtunnel static and total pressure measurement. An optional total temperature measurement system for a user-supplied platinum RTD can also be included. These measurements are crucial to the determination of critical windtunnel parameters such as Mach number, dynamic pressure, wind speed, and Reynolds number. The inherent accuracy of the FRS provides the ability to derive Mach number to an accuracy of +/- 0.001 for most facilities.

Based on the System 8400 product family, the FRS consists of a rackmountable micro-processor-based chassis called a System Processor (SP). The SP houses up to four modular Pressure Standard Units (PSU) each incorporating a high accuracy pressure standard. The PSUs also incorporate internal valving under microprocessor control to provide autoranging, overload protection and rezero of the differential pressure standards. The SP supports IEEE-488 or Ethernet IEEE 802.3 interfaces. The instrument provides dual IEEE-488 interfaces to permit two computers to simultaneously acquire data from the FRS.

The compact design of the FRS enables the system to be mounted near the test section at the centerline of the windtunnel to minimize pressure lag and hydrostatic effects. Optionally, the system can be configured to remotely locate the pressure standards near the static and total probes to further reduce pressure lag.

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