¢º Up to 90% Savings in Calibration Time
¢º Improved Diagnostic Capabilities
¢º Dual Range ESP Capability
¢º Compatibilty with Conventional 8400 Systems


¢º Windtunnel Test
The SDI configuration of the System 8400 represents a major advancement in electronic pressure scanning technology that dramatically enhances data quality and results in equally as dramatic productivity increases for windtunnel test applications. The system executes digital temperature compensation of ESP pressure scanner data to significantly improve overall accuracy and reduce the frequency as well as the time required to perform on-line calibrations. A compact Scanner Digitizing Interface (SDI) provides local digitizing of the scanner outputs with data transmission via fiber optic cable to the 8400 System Processor. This significantly reduces the volume of cable required while also improving data quality.

ESP scanners incorporating the Digital Temperature Compensation (DTC) option store factory calibration data including temperature coefficients in an onboard EEPROM along with information about the identity of the ESP scanner and it's calibration traceability. The scanner also incorporates such advanced features as dual range capability, per channel temperature measurement, calibration valve position sense, and excitation sense. The SDI facilitates communication of this information to the system upon command via the fiber optic cable. These diagnostic capabilities in addition to several others serve to significantly decrease setup time.

Existing conventional 8400 systems can be upgraded to the SDI configuration with the addition of the new hardware and a firmware upgrade. Both conventional and DTC ESP scanners are supported by this new configuration.

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