Flexible - Configurable for a wide range of application.
Modular - Input units, expansion racks, slave units, remote processors
Fast - Up to 200,000 measurements per second


Windtunnel Test
With hundreds of systems in use worldwide, the System 8400 is the standard for wind tunnel pressure measurement. It's a modular, parallel processing system for high speed pressure scanning up to 200,000 measurements per second. Its measurement range is from 10"WC to 750 psi for dry gases and up to 10,000 psi for liquids. The heart of the 8400 System is the System Processor (SP), which links the host computer to the scanners and transducers. It provides calibration control, data synchronization, conversion of raw data to engineering units and an IEEE-488 interface (or Ethernet) to the host computer. The modular design of the 8400 permits users to configure small systems. By adding additional components, the same 8400 can be expanded to more than 1000 channels for a powerful research and development system.

A new option for the 8400 configuration is the Scanner Digitizer Interface (SDI). The SDI configuration represents a major advancement in electronic pressure scanning technology that dramatically enhances data quality and increases productivity for windtunnel test applications. Existing conventional 8400 systems can be upgraded to the SDI configuration with the addition of new hardware and a firmware upgrade. Both conventional and DTC ESP scanners are supported by this new configuration.

8400 System Processor (SP)
- VME-Based for Simple Upgrades and Extended Lifespan
- High Speed IEEE-488 or Ethernet Interfaces
- Modular Configuration

Scanner Digitizer Unit (SDU) - Interfaces PSI's pressure scanners. Performs addressing 16 bit A/D conversion. Up to 50,000 samples/sec., 1024 channels max

Pressure Calibration Unit (PCU) - Programmable servo-controlled pressure calibrator with internal pressure measurement standard. Controlled from SP front panel or through interface. Available with differential or absolute pressure standards with long term accuracy of up to .01% Full Scale. Doubles as Pressure Standard Unit (PSU).

Calibration Pressure Range: 0-750 psia +/- 0.02% FS Accuracy

Pressure Standard Unit (PSU) - High accuracy pressure measurements. Quartz sensor for absolute measurement applications or HASS for differential. +/- 0.02% FS accuracy

For Measuring: Barometric Pressure, Total (Pt) and Static (Ps) Pressures, Scanner Reference Pressures

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