¢º High Accuracy 0.010% FS
¢º Precision : 0.003% FS
¢º High Resolution {up to 2 ppm}
¢º Certified with NIST traceable primary
¢º Standards
¢º Dynamic compensation from 15 to 45¡É
¢º IEEE-488 communications
¢º Selectable units of measure
¢º Display of max and min readings
¢º Displays altitude or air speed


¢º RS-232 communications
¢º BCD/Analog voltage outputs
¢º Carrying handle
¢º Carrying case
¢º Battery power
¢º Hand pump
¢º Rack mount kit
¢º Relief valves
¢º Lab VIEW drivers (no charge)
The Series 2100 is a family of advanced, high accuracy digital pressure gauges from Mensor. This product line includes many standard features not found in comparable gauges at comparable prices. The Series 2100 provides the best value in a high performance digital pressure measuring unit. The Mensor 2108 is a high performance measuring instrument that provides high accuracy readings of altitude and altitude rate.

The Mensor 2109 provides high accuracy readings of airspeed. These models are ideal for use as pressure standards for avionics repair shops, airline maintenance depots or for use in the manufacture of avionics instruments, such as altimeters, rate of climb meters, airspeed indicators, etc.

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