The APX50 automated absolute pressure balance is the fruit of DH-Budenberg latest developments conducted in joint venture with BNM-LNE French National Laboratory. Aimed at establishing a new primary reference standard in the field of absolute pressure this instrument replaces traditional mercury columns and is bound to become the 21st century reference standard.
It features the genuine DH-Budenberg 10 cm effective area full tungsten carbide piston cylinder assembly whose effective area can uniquely be determined through laser interferometry with uncertainties below 2 PPM.
Among other technological innovations APX50 permits to perform automated masses change over under vacuum. This unique feature leads to a breakthrough in achievable metrological performance as well as productivity.


Best achievable total uncertainty on pressure below 5 ppm with k=2
Absolute/gauge pressure measurement.
Automatic mass loading without breaking reference vacuum
Alternative to high accuracy mercury columns
Ranges from 10 kPa to 1 MPa

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