Implementing the genuine DH very large area piston cylinder assemblies, model 5111 pressure balances are the ultimate reference pressure standard. They offer levels of metrological excellence that no other piston gauge can match and are operated as National Standard by numerous countries.
Uniquely, the effective area of their very large area Piston Cylinder Assembly can be determined through laser interferometry with uncertainties below 2 ppm. This eliminates the need to crossfloating them to another pressure standard for calibration and makes them true primary standards.


Pressure ranges to 2 MPa (290 psi)
Achievable total uncertainty below 10 PPM of reading with k=2
Full tungsten carbide piston cylinder assembly with geometry better than 0.1m
Sensitivity better than 0.5 ppm
Austenitic non-magnetic stainless steel weights
Full compatibility with Terminal 5000

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