Series 5300 pressure balances are compact and self integrated instruments which encompass all pressure generation and fine control means for hydraulic operation up to 500 MPa (72,500 psi).


13 interchangeable pressure ranges from 0.02~4 MPa (3~580 psi) to 1~500 MPa (150~72,500 psi)
Total uncertainty on pressure to 10 ppm of reading with k=2
Piston Cylinder Assembly with full tungsten carbide construction and geometry within 0.1m
Simple-free deformation piston cylinder assembly mounting
Sensitivity better than 1 ppm
Floating times exceeding 20 minutes at all pressures
Austenitic non-magnetic stainless steel weights with 5 kg main masses and fractional masses to 0.01 g
Full compatibility with Terminal 5000
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