Series 5200 pressure balances are compact and self integrated instruments designed for pneumatic operation up to 100 MPa (15,000 psi).
They feature DH-Budenberg's unique gas operated-liquid lubricated piston cylinder assemblies which eliminate both the problems encountered with classical gas operated-gas lubricated units (sensitivity to pollution, poor floating times...), and the metrological inconveniences met with gas-liquid interfaces.


13 interchangeable pressure ranges from 0.02~4 MPa (3~580 psi) to 5~100 MPa (725~14,500 psi)
Total uncertainty on pressure to 10 ppm of reading with k=2
Piston Cylinder Assembly with full tungsten carbide construction and geometry within 0.1m
Sensitivity better than 1 ppm
Floating times exceeding 20 minutes at all pressures
Austenitic non-magnetic stainless steel weights to 0.01 g
Full compatibility with Terminal 5000
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