Mensor 회사소개

▷ 회사 Slogan : Think customer ! High Accuracy is Mensor’s business!

▷ 정밀도 : 0.01%

    1969년 창사이래 압력 측정, 교정, 콘트롤에 관한한 세계 최고의 고정밀 압력 측정장비를 제조,
    판매하고 있는 회사이다. 고객의 압력측정/교정에 관해서 정확한 솔루션을 제공할 수 있는 우수한 회사이다.

▷ 수상

   < 세계최대의 압력센서 제조사인 Rosemount 사로 부터 High Quality 교정장비 공급으로 인해
    Top Supplier로 선정됨은 물론 전세계 Rosemount 공장에서 수백여대의 mensor 압력교정시스템이
    그들의 제조 압력센서의 표준기로 사용중에 있음>

    Reconized as Top Supplier 세계적인 압력센서 제조사인 Rosemount가 인정한
    Mensor의 압력교정시스템 계속적인 High Quality 교정장비의 공급으로 인해
    Top Supplier로써 수상하였음.

On May 23, 2000 Mensor Corporation was recognized
as one of Rosemount Inc.'s top performing suppliers for calendar 1999.
This was the fifth year in a row that Mensor has received this prestigious award from Rosemount.
Suppliers were recognized for their overall contributions based on a number of criteria such as quality, delivery, price, continuous improvement, customer service and new technology.
This award was presented to the top 5% of over 800 diversified suppliers of Rosemount. Ed Monser, President of Rosemount stated that " our suppliers continue to play a key role in Rosemount's success".
At the supplier award meeting it was emphasized that Rosemount's objectives are to be "fast, flexible, reliable and better than the best".
This was presented as a challenge to the suppliers to meet these same expectations.
Rosemount has been using Mensor instruments for pressure calibration since the early 1970's and has been Mensor's number customer for the past seven years. "We will continue to provide high quality instruments and outstanding service,
plus find ways to not only meet and but to exceed Rosemount's needs and expectations",
according to Paul E. Neilson,
President of Mensor.

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