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Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.

ISSI is a small research development company primarily serving the
Aerospace community.

Our staff has extensive experience in the development and application of
advanced laser-based diagnostic techniques and Computational Fluid Dynamics
(CFD) models for the visualization and quantitation of dynamic processes
in combustion and fuels research. The optical-diagnostics and CFD modeling
teams that ISSI has assembled are recognized throughout the diagnostics
community as leaders in these fields, with the accumulation of over 500
publications, presentations, and patents in the past 16 years

PSP(Pressure-Sensitive Paint)란?

PSP 기술은 항공 응용분야에서 표면의 정압력과 변환압력측정에 대한 대안으로 제시되고 있다. 이러한 응용분야에서, 압력 민감도는 시험 표면(test surface)에 적용된 필름에 분산되어 있는 광학 분자들의 산소 발광 소멸에 기반을 두고 있다. 실제로, PSP나 TSP 코팅은 코팅에 들어있는 분자들을 자극하기에 필요한 적절한 에너지를 가진 빛에 의해서 발광된다. 광학적인 결과물의 세기는 시험 모델의 표면 압력과 온도에 반비례한다.

What is PSP?

Pressure-sensitive paint(PSP) technology has emerged as an alternative for determining static and transient surface-pressure field for aerodynamic applications. In this approach, pressure sensitivity is based on the oxygen (O2) dispersed in a film that is applied to a test surface. In practice, the PSP or temperature-sensitive paint(TSP) coating is illuminated with light of the appropriate energy (color) necessary to excite the coating-entrapped probe molecules. The intensity of the resulting luminescence output is inversely proportional to the surface pressure or temperature of the test model.

Who are cusmtomers of ISSI?

ㆍU.S. Air Force Research Laboratory

ㆍNASA Ames, Langley, and Lewis Research Centers

ㆍPratt & Whitney

ㆍRolls Royce/Allison Engine Company

ㆍAllied Signal

ㆍGE Aircraft Engines


PSP의 응용분야는 페인트코팅 기술, 프루브 설계, 카메라와 광원 기술, 그리고 알고리즘 개발과 함께 점점 넓어지고 있다.

최근에 ISSI는 대기상태에서의 미세한 압력 변화를 더 잘 나타내게 하기 위한 sol-gel 기반의 PSP를 개발했다. 이 얇은 필름 센서의 유용성은 많은 상업 시험 설비뿐만 아니라, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Ames Research Center의 풍동 실험에서 나타나고 있다.

PSP Products and Services

ㆍPressure/temperature-sensitive paints


- Light sources

ㆍLED arrays

ㆍLaser systems

ㆍFlash lamps

- CCD Cameras (time averaged and time resolved)

- Support optics

- Timing circuitry


- Data acquisition

ㆍRemote control over system instrumentation

ㆍUser-friendly interface

- Data processing

ㆍImage manipulation

ㆍSensor-calibration methods

ㆍFull-field pressure and temperature image generation


- Deployment of PSP measurement system if customer facilities

- Training

- Consultation

- Development customized application


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