"JungJin Pressure Systems" is an exclusive Korean agency of Pressure Systems Inc, Mensor Corp, ISSI, DH-Budenberg, United sensor Corp, Sensotec Inc and is a leading designer, system integrator and supplier of a wide of pressure measurement, control, calibration equipment and related systems.

JJPS is an unique company which provides a total solution for
pressure instruments and software and so component parts.

JJPS is a company with many years of accumulated technology and experiences in pressure-related equipment and programs that require an infinite variety of product applications in pressure measurement, control, calibration, electronic high speed pressure scanning systems etc...

JJPS has hundreds of satisfied customers because of the benefits they received from us.
Our equipment and softwares are also sold and adapted to various customers including many universities, research institute, military-related institutes ( aviation, automotive, turbine, engine, wind tunnel test etc.. ) and metrology & calibration labs.

JJPS is also a developer and supplier of Windows-based operation software ( Korean & English Version ) that is useful for many more applications in operating imported equipments in Korea.

These operation software are recognized as reliable programs by many customers and we are planning to export them in the near future.

JJPS is also looking forward to providing all technical supports, program development and provides a good after-sale services for each customer's specific needs.

We will do our best to provide the best products to our customers.

Thank you!!

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