Voltage Amplifier MVA 10

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Voltage Amplifier MVA 10

Voltage Amplifier MVA 10

Müller Voltage Amplifier MVA 10

Low Noise Amplifier with 10 MHz Bandwidth For Thermocouples and Hydrophones


This Amplifier is perfect to use with our MCT Series Thermocouple. When used together with the 1 MHz filter, it has an excellent signal to noise ratio for the small signals of the type E or type K thermocouples.

A second application of this amplifier is for use with our Müller-Platte Needle Probe or the type M pressure sensors. The signal of these hydrophones are quite small in applications like ultrasound.. However, together with the MVA 10 the range of application extends to the complete field of ultrasound. This amplifier will be used with full 10 MHz bandwidth to measure signals in a plane or focused field as well as for sinus or pulsed waves.

Further applications and uses for the MVA 10 is use as a general preamplifier for oscilloscopes and transient recorders, photomultiplier or signal booster for optical receivers and current amplifiers.

1 MHz filter for connecting the output cable to the recorder

By its wide bandwidth up to 1 MHz this amplifier can be used for many measurements. So applications with film or DMS probes in a shock tube wind tunnel or aerodynamic experiments are possible.

Different probe voltages or current supplies can be chosen independently from the amplification factor. Two different input connectors make work with different sensor types easier. The handling of the amplifier with its LED display leads to a clear overview of all justifications.

Technical Data

  • Input Impedance

    1 MOhm, 15 pF
  • Input Voltage Noise:

    4.7 nV/√Hz at 2 MHz
  • Input Noise:

    100 μV (peak – peak)
  • Output Impedance

    50 Ohm
  • Output Voltage:

    ± 3,5 V
  • Max. Output Current:

    100 mA
  • Gain:

    x100 or x1000, switch able
  • Gain Accuracy:

    ± 0.2 dB
  • Bandwidth DC:

    1 Hz to 10 MHz
  • Rise Time:

    35 ns
  • Supply Voltage:

    ± 15 V, power supply is included n the kit
  • Supply Current:

    ± 70 mA
  • Weight:

    200 g
  • Housing Material:

    Al/Mg4.5Mn, nickel plated
  • Operating Temperature:

    0 – 60°C
  • Connectors:

    BNC neg.

Article No.:

  • 200-120-1 :

    Amplifier MVA 10: 10 MHz Voltage Amplifier incl. Power Supply
  • 200-120-2:

    Low pass filter 1 MHz


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