Boundary Layer Probes

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Boundary Layer Probes

Boundary Layer Probes

United Sensor stainless steel Boundary Layer Probes measure total pressure of a fluid near solid boundaries. Sensing head diameters for these probes are constructed down to .025", with flattened measuring tips to minimize potential errors in total pressure measurement due to flow turbulence or acceleration.

When used in conjunction with an adjacent static tap and Traverse Unit, Boundary Layer Probes are especially effective for determining velocity gradients near the fluid / solid boundaries.

how to Order:

To order standard probes, select the probe type (e.g. BA, BR) best suited to your application, then specify by Ordering Part Number from the model chart (e.g. Ordering Part No. BA-.025-12-C-11-.650) according to desired specifications. Ordering Part Numbers cover exact specifications shown.

To order non-standard probes (e.g. longer or shorter probe lengths, reinforcement tubing, pressure take-offs, etc.) consult United Sensor regarding your requirements.

Type BA - A total pressure probe with a hooked shaped sensing stem and a flattened tip to minimize the shift in the effective center. The height of dimension "F" is extended to project beyond the region of disturbed flow at the probe access hole.

Type BR - Similar to BA probe except height of "F" is designed to fit through dimension "M" hole. Used for measuring near a boundary opposite the access hole.

Ordering Part No. Sensing Head Diameter d Probe Length a Stem Diameter m Stem Length b Height of Tip to Bend f
BA-.025-12-C-11-.650 .025" 12" .125" 11" .650"
BA-.035-12-C-11-.650 .035" 12" .125" 11" .650"
BA-.042-12-F-11-.650 .042" 12" .250" 11" .650"
BA-.065-12-F-11-.650 .065" 12" .250" 11" .650"
BR-.025-12-C-11-.125 .025" 12" .125" 11" .100"
BR-.025-12-C-11-.125 .035" 12" .125" 11" .100"
BR-.042-12-F-11-.250 .042" 12" .250" 11" .225"
BR-.065-12-F-11-.250 .065" 12" .250" 11" .225"


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