Barometer, Pressure Standard, Pressure Controller

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Barometer, Pressure Standard, Pressure Controller

Barometer, Pressure Standard, Pressure Controller


  • Up to ±0.01% FS Measurement and Control Accuracy
  • ±0.001%/ºC Thermal Stability
  • 10 BaseT Ethernet, TCP and UDP Protocol
  • Pressure Ranges from ±1 psid to 750 psia (±7 kPa to 5171 kPa)


  • Barometric Measurement
  • Pressure Scanner Verification Testing
  • Pressure Scanner Span Calibration

Models 9034 and 9038 are compact pressure calibrators with set-point control accuracy of up to ± 0.01% FS that are also capable of extraneous pressure measurement. The calibrators provide a pre-engineered solution for applying known stable pressures to electronic pressure scanners, or any pressure measurement device, for periodic calibration or verification.

Model 9032 and 9033 are precision pressure standards capable of measuring dry non-corrosive gases to an accuracy of ± 0.01% FS. The Model 9032 Barometer offers an excellent solution for precision measurement of atmospheric pressures to complement differential electronic pressure scanners used in the acquisition of multiple pressures.

Available in absolute and differential versions, both products also provide digital I/O for electronic control of remotely located valves for use in routing measurement and control pressures as desired. The units communicate with the host computer via a 10 Base-T Ethernet interface supporting both TCP and UDP protocols. Pressure data is output in user-selectable engineering units. An internal 32-bit microprocessor in each unit corrects for zero, span and non–linearity errors of the internal precision pressure standard. It also performs digital temperature compensation of the standard to reduce thermal errors to less than ± 0.001% FS/ºC.

The pressure standards and pressure controllers are components of the NetScanner™ System. Multiple NetScanner components measuring a variety of pressures and sharing the same command set can be networked to form a distributed intelligent data acquisition system.


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