All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner

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All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner

All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner


  • Low Pass Anti-aliasing Filter per Channel
  • Up to ±0.05% System Accuracy
  • EU Throughput Rates in excess of 100 Hz
  • 10 BaseT Ethernet Interface, TCP & UDP Protocol
  • Pressure Ranges from 5 psi (34 kPa) to 10,000 psi (69 MPa)
  • Supports 3rd Party Transducers and Voltage Measurements
  • Triple Scan List Capability
  • Rugged Splashproof Enclosure
  • Hardware and Software Triggered Data Acquisition


  • Turbomachinery Test Stands
  • Portable Test Systems
  • Process Monitoring
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems

The Model 9022 All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner is a completely self-contained pressure acquisition module for multiple measurements of liquids and high pressure dry non-corrosive gases. The rugged compact scanner is designed to interface up to 12 Series 9400 All-Media Pressure Transducers or third-party pressure transducers. In addition, 5 VDC signals can be measured on any unused input channel. The 9022 also provides a precision +5 or +10 VDC excitation source to power external transducers. The scanner incorporates anti-aliasing filters for each channel with a choice of two frequency cutoffs; 30 and 250 Hz.

When used with 9400 transducers, the microprocessor corrects for pressure transducer zero, span, nonlinearity errors using data stored in the 9400's integral EEPROM. It also performs digital temperature compensation of the 9400s to reduce thermal errors by a factor of ten or more over conventional sensor compensation. The microprocessor also facilitates off-line rezero and span calibrations to maintain optimum sensor accuracy. This turnkey approach to all-media pressure measurements provides system static accuracy of up to ±0.05% FS.

The 9022 can sample using up to three concurrent scan lists at continuous rates exceeding 100 measurements per channel per second in engineering units. Pressure data in engineering units is output through an Ethernet 10 BaseT interface using industry standard TCP or UDP protocol. The scanner is supplied with comprehensive Visual Basic-based software called NUSS for PC compatible computers. Firmware upgrades are made available at no charge via PSI’s website and can be downloaded to the scanner over the Ethernet interface using NUSS.

The Model 9022 All-Media Intelligent Pressure Scanner is one component of the NetScanner™ System. Multiple NetScanner components measuring a variety of parameters and sharing the same command set can be networked to form a distributed intelligent data acquisition system.


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