All Pressure Scanning Systems Networking Solutions

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All Pressure Scanning Systems Networking Solutions

All Pressure Scanning Systems Networking Solutions

NetScannerSystem 9IFC/90DB/90DC

Networking Solutions


  • Ethernet Interface for NetScanner™ System Modules
  • Provides Power and Hardware Trigger Interface
  • 10/100 Base-T Auto-Negotiating
  • Universal AC Power
  • Fiber Optic High Speed Host Interface


  • Turbomachinery Test
  • Vehicle Test
  • Portable Test System

The NetScanner System is a distributed data acquisition configuration comprised of intelligent modules networked via the ubiquitous Ethernet interface to provide pneumatic and liquid pressure measurements, temperature measurements, barometric pressure monitoring, and pneumatic pressure control.

Each module utilizes a single electrical connection to conveniently connect power, hardware triggering signals, and host communication. To facilitate interconnection of these system components and support network topology demands, Pressure Systems offers a line of pre-engineered network solutions to accommodate a wide variety of configurations and requirements.

The Model 9IFC supports a single module solution to connect an Ethernet-ready host computer via a Model 9080 cable. The 9IFC’s small size and versatile mounting options make it ideal for tight spaces like NEMA enclosures, panel boxes and installations where optimum placement demands remote locations. It is also valuable for pretest checkout of an individual module prior to implementation within the system network. The Model 90DB provides a simple solution for configurations consisting of multiple modules. The 90DB provides power, hardware trigger, and communication distribution for up to 7 or 15 connected modules depending on the selected model while interfacing with the host via one category 5 Ethernet cable.

The Model 90DC provides a sophisticated solution via fiber-optic communication for as many as 24 modules. A high-speed fiber-optic uplink is used to interface the 90DC to a dedicated host computer or private network. The 90DC also provides fused power lines, power-on LED indicators, and isolated hardware triggers for each module.


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